arcanine and zorua, growlithe

Custom Pictures For Art Trade

Here they are!

janethekiller pokemon 191014 003

janethekiller pokemon 191014 002

janethekiller pokemon 191014 001

pokemon halloween 2014 040

Please tell me if you like or don't like them. If you like them, I'll get them shipped out ASAP, if not, I can re-draw them :3


Edit: Aaaaand for some reason, you're OC isn't showing up... -.- Thanks LJ, you're really being nice...
I'll try and get it up, and if it still doesn't work, I'll retake the picture :) (technology seriously hates us XD)
arcanine and zorua, growlithe

New School Year

So far, school's started and already, people are winding up others and just stirring up trouble. I think I'm missing the summer holidays already.
The good news is, Halloween's coming up! Yay! Halloween's my favorite holiday so I'm really looking forward to it! Not sure if I can resist the pokemon Halloween promotion...
As well as that, London Comic Con is in mid October so that should definitely be the highlight of my year (hopefully). And then, for this month, I'm expecting my petit Arcanine plush to arrive any day now and the results of the Foyles Poetry Award should be announced either next week or the week after (fingers crossed). This competition means a lot to me so I would give anything to be one of the winners :3

And just to leave this post on a high note...

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Pupstergirl's Wants List (Last updated 1st May 2017)

My Wants:

Holy Grail/s
~Growlithe Canvas Plush, (Holy-est of Holy Grails) Any condition
~A Custom Growlithe Pokedoll, (This is a VERY HIGH WANT as my beloved dog passed away and Growlithe reminds me of her a lot <3)
~Any mirage Growlithe plushies
~Hasbro Poochyena plush

High Want/s
~Pokemon Center Growlithe plush
~Pokemon Center Arcanine plush
~Growlithe and Arcanine 151 badges
~Growlithe Retsuden Stamper (These are so cute but so hard to find 0-0)
~Jolteon canvas plush (any condition)
~Pokemon time Growlithe strap
~Pokemon time Growlithe tin
~HQ I Love Eevee Eevee plush <3 !!!!
~Mightyena Tomy figure
~Lifesize Eevee plush (I don't mind which release)
~Umbreon Pokedoll!!! (I have nothing Umbreon and I love him so much :( )
~Glaceon Pokedoll
~Poke neco dolce hoodie, dress/shirt and shorts M/L

Medium Want/s
~Growlithe metal figure (any)
~Any Growlithe and Arcanine kid figures
~Any Eeveelution 2009 candy tins (These are going to become grail status soon...)
~Sylveon pokemon center standing plush (I don't have anything sylveon and this plush is ADORABLE)
~Mightyena kid figure
~Poochyena kid figure
~Yvetal pokedoll (BACON BIRD <3)
~Pokemon Time Tins (any)
~Eevee mansion necklace, hair slides or anything from that promotion really
~Arcanine Retsudan stamps (any) *Do these even exist?*
~Growlithe and Arcanine Pokebox Keychain <3
~ANY 2009 Eevee Promotion merchandise
~Any Eeveelution cookie pin badges
~Any Eeveelution cookie tins
~Pokemon Center Mew Necklace (picture below)
~Any Eeveelution kid figures (minus Glaceon and Flareon which I already have)
~Mightyena Retsuden stamper
~Poochyena Retsuden stamper
~Poochyena footprint figure
~Mightyena/Poochyena zukan

~ </b> Any Growlithe and Arcanine merch is highly appreciated so feel free to offer what you have of the fire pups :D </b>

Mew Pokemon Center Necklace:


Things have been somewhat stressful recently.

My final exams for the year are coming up in about 2 weeks and then next year is just all exams.-.- Fun...

Not only that, but because of all of these exams and all of the stress, everyone is getting very irritated over slight things. So school isn't exactly a friendly place to be.
But what can you do?

I'm just looking forward to the summer holidays so I can just relax. :)
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Hi Im new to LJ so please tell me if I do something wrong.
I have joined LJ just to be with PKMNcollectors and so am very happy to have been accepted.
My favorite pokemon are the eeveelutions especially Espeon, Jolteon and Flareon. As well as Growlithe and Arcanine and other fire and ghost types.
I love to draw and write.
I try and get pokemon items that catch my eye.
I love dogs and all animals.
I love looking at custom art and have 3 pieces by Captainangel on PKMNcollectors.
I hope to be trading and selling some of my own collection to afford to pay for my grails in the future.
I shall accept any friend requests in the hope of some real friendships.
Thanks for reading! :D
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